The Prodigal Sister Returneth

Ok, so do y'all remember the post I wrote a few weeks ago about my 5 rules for working with family? How timely, because right after I posted that, my sister Emily announced to us that she wanted to come back into the fold and work with us in the events department (!!!). Ok so maybe I did know when I wrote that, because she pulled me into the bathroom at our parents' house to talk about it the weekend before. But I wasn't allowed to tell anyone at that point, and I'm a good sister so I didn't.

emily-claire-2015-bwThat's Emily on the right working an event last week

We were all thrilled and admittedly shocked because Emily has been a full time nurse for the past five years. But before that, she was an awesome server and events staff while she was in school. Look, here we are in 2009  at Puckett' s in Franklin when I was a baby manager:

emily-claire-2009-bw{Max Mustache sighting!}

I said we were shocked, but not really all that shocked. When hospitality is in your blood it doesn't just go away. It's what we do as a family, and no matter what we do we will always find ourselves taking care of other people. We like to see folks smiling and enjoying themselves, making memories with their friends and family that may last a lifetime. It's hard work and a lot of details go into it to bring everything together, but we love what we do. Who better to share that with than with my sis? Welcome back Em!

Stay tuned to our Puckett's Blog for a more in depth profile of Emily in the coming weeks!

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xx Claire