tastemakers no. 1

We hosted our first Tastemakers event with some very special local guests this past Sunday at Homestead Manor. The Nashville area is graced with a lot of like-hearted folks that are passionate about not only food, but about a meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle. This particular group consisted of an assortment of bloggers of the food, fashion, lifestyle, and mommy variety as well as local writers and just generally awesome people. It was so much fun, and yes admittedly gratifying, to see the property resonate with such a diverse group of people. So much passion, dedication, and sweat has been poured into this project by our amazing team and I love seeing their hard work appreciated by others.

cathi-porch-homestead summer-harvest

tastemakers-porch-1 tastemakers-3

We started with cocktails on the front porch - our muddled cucumber and rosemary gin concoction that will debut on our late summer menu next week as the Summer Harvest (though note that we have tweaked this to be served in a coupe and it's so pretty). We then trekked them out to see the Event Barn, where the soaring ceilings and giant chandeliers worked their magic, and onwards to the Farm. This was probably my favorite part, as I watched at least one of the writers shed her high heels and walk barefoot through the rows to get closer to the rows of vegetables. As our farmer Joni put it in observing the difference of the footwear between our guests and her own, "when clickity-clacks can mingle with clompity-clomps and have meaningful conversations," it's really quite special. Isn't that what Tennessee, and especially Nashville, is all about?

tastemakers-farm-1 tastemakers-farm-2 tastemakers-food-1 tastemakers-food-2

tastemakers-cathi-claireme and my fellow host Cathi

Many of you probably already follow most of these folks on social media or read their blogs, but if not you're totally missing out so please check out their links below:

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also follow @jordanaclaudia and @nashvillethebeautiful on instagram with the rest of their combined 62k + followers.

xx Claire

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