Puckett's Women Build :: Habitat for Humanity


we let some of our guys join in the fun

A couple of weeks ago, Puckett's teamed up with our local Habitat for Humanity chapter in Williamson and Maury Counties to do a Women Build -- a national program where women help raise money and build homes for other women. Habitat's goal for this program is to engage more ladies and get them active on build sites, build their confidence, and learn new skills along the way. Our home build was in Fairview, TN, where they have already built almost an entire little neighborhood of Habitat homes.

habitat-neighborhoodthey're cute!

I personally have never done anything like this, and I think it goes without saying it was so much fun! Our task for the day was to put up the siding, from start to finish. We got to cut the boards down to size, make the corner pieces, and put them all up.


Bri rocking the table saw

habitat-build-1Our fearless Habitat leader showing us how to do stuff

habitat-build-4Showing off my box cutter skills


Pam and Kelton representing

habitat-build-5Look at those guns

A lot of power tools were involved, and I ended up being one of the nail gunners on the corner crew. I'm not going to lie, climbing up that ladder and nail gunning those boards into place really made me feel like a badass, even if only for a few hours. I'm also not going to lie that my arms were quite sore the next day.

After spending a couple of hours on the site, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Habitat organizers. To cat-herd all of us amateurs and put us to work doing something vaguely useful was quite the feat. And... they do it almost every day, often with a new group of people.


Talk about an amazing team building day (pun intended), and we all can't wait to do it again! If you live in the Williamson/Maury counties area here in TN, you can find more information on how to volunteer as a group or individual on their website here

Habitat for Humanity builds homes nationwide, so if you live outside our area, you can visit their website here to contact your local chapter.


xx Claire