My Favorite Christmas Gifts: Little Tikes & Kitchen Knives

hattiechristmas I can't believe that Christmas has already come and gone. This year was the first year that Hattie started to recognize what was going on around her. She was so wired with all the activity swirling around her, it was impossible not be to giddy with her excitement. Watching her sprint to the Little Tikes car that was such a pain {for Tyler} to put together the night before, I realized that Christmas as a parent is far more rewarding than it ever has been. Hattie seemed to be most into the every day items she sees us using (tea cup set, play food and kitchen set from Mimi, her very own miniature broom so that she doesn't whack everything off the counters when she plays with the big one). Oh, and of course the paper that was every where just waiting to be ripped into teeny tiny shreds. Santa, however, was an epic FAIL this year. At least I will have this photo to embarrass her at her 16th birthday party.



We had an amazing Christmas with our family, and I was fortunate to receive some pretty awesome gifts. Here are a few that I was excited about:

5_pc_set_1-2A real set of grown-up knives. Hammer Stahl is made right here in Tennessee and these knives are amazing. I didn't really know how amazing until I was holding my own in my hands. They are heavy in the way quality things are, and I may have gotten a little misty-eyed with the first vegetable I sliced with ease. Don't tell anyone.


This cute mini keyboard for my iPad mini. My colleague Rachel has one of these and I wanted to snatch it every time she whooped it out of her purse at meetings. It magnetically latches onto the iPad to serve as a cover when closed. I'm hoping it affords me to stop lugging around my computer everywhere.

hb146bws_madison-tech-bag_unzipped-angleThis Stella and Dot tech bag from my dearest husband. My office is wherever I am at the moment (right now it's sitting at the bar at Puckett's Nashville), so a good bag to tote that office is absolutely essential. I love a structured bag for work, it makes for less digging around and will sit on the ground without flopping open. This one is simple and classic and will go with anything.

For Tyler, I cheated and got "him" a record player. We've rearranged our living room so that we can have it set up in the space that we spend 90% of our time. Tyler has a great collection started that has been languishing in storage for the last several years, so I'm excited to break it all out and start playing our favorites for Hattie.

What was your favorite gift to give or receive this Christmas?