My 5 Favorite Things to Do in Chattanooga

chattanooga-downtown I wrote about Chattanooga back in October 2014 when we first announced that we would be opening a Puckett's there. We've been driving to Chattanooga for mini vacations since I was a kid. In high school, we went down annually for soccer and track state championships. When my younger brother Cliff enrolled at University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, the trip became more of a regular thing. Now that we’re anxiously awaiting the opening of Puckett’s Chattanooga, I started thinking: what are my favorite things to do in the River City? It’s full of hidden gems that I’m continuously picking up on, but what I really wanted to do here was put together a list of things I do nearly every time I have more than a few hours in Chatt-town.

Claire’s Five Chattanooga Favorites:

  1. Walk Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge. I love that Chattanooga is such a connected and walkable city. It just makes it feel more inviting. For something free and fun (and active) to do, I always try to take a walk across the Tennessee River on the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge. Fun fact: it’s one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world! P.S. there's some great shopping on the other side.

    image credit: me!

  2. Sip at Rembrandt’s Coffee House. Rembrandt’s is a French-inspired coffee shop located in the Bluff View Art District. You feel like you’ve transported to a little slice of Europe as you sip on your coffee and enjoy their delicious and beautiful house-made chocolates and pastries.


  3. Eat ice cream. Chattanooga has several great ice cream shops. My favorite go-tos are The Ice Cream Show located right by the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge and the Hunter Art Museum, and Milk & Honey on Market Street in the Northshore area. Milk & Honey serves house-made gelato and is another project by the geniuses behind Taco Mamacita and Urban Stack.


  4. Go on a pub crawl. After you’ve done all the walking and hiking you can, treat yourself to a pub crawl around Chattanooga. The downtown area is full of great pubs, including The Honest Pint, Hair of the Dog Pub (One of Cliff’s favorite), and Terminal Brewhouse. Once Puckett’s is open, add us to the list - we have a great list of draft brews, and we always include local.


  5. Hunter Museum of American Art. If you’ve ever been to Chattanooga and wondered what that incredibly modern building is overlooking the river, it’s the Hunter Art Museum! Located in the Bluff View Arts District, part of the museum is housed in a historic mansion, and the rest is in a modern addition. This museum holds wonderful exhibits and artwork, including some pieces from Andy Warhol. Plus, the bluff view from the museum is absolutely stunning.


As I mentioned, my brother claims Chattanooga as his own these days, so I’ll be tapping his favorites next week. My cousin Graci also recently moved back to the River City and will be sharing her favorites in a couple weeks from more of a mom's perspective. Stay tuned!

Have you ever been to Chattanooga? What are your favorite things to do in the city?

xx Claire