hurry up and wait.

  The thing about opening a new restaurant is that it's a waiting game. We plan, rush, stress, sweat, lose sleep... but ultimately no matter what we do, we wind up waiting. Waiting for permits, waiting for construction, waiting for good weather, waiting for inspections, waiting to see if we ever sleep again. Do you see a common theme here? In the end we just hope that the dark circles underneath our eyes are all worth it, and that you love the final product as much as we do. And we really, really love it.

Here are a few photos from this past week as we are enter the final throes of opening the Homestead Manor project.


third floor office/lounge area - blood stains from the Civil War are on the floor


the event barn


chandeliers + barn wood 


General Manager Homero keeping it upbeat


Farmers Joni & Casey working on a really cool herb garden outside the bar

herb-garden-homestead...and the almost finished product


the makings of the Glass House bar


there is a whole lot of this going on

Just please don't ask me when we'll be open. I can't tell you, sorry. But I will say very very very soon... Is that helpful? Make sure to stay tuned to Homestead Manor's Facebook page, and any of my social links at the top right of this page.

xx Claire