Back to Reality

DSC_1612 DSC_1614 DSC_1648 DSC_1652 As evidenced by the massive amount of emails I've received since the start of Monday, it seems that everyone is starting to shake off the holidays and get back to the grind. The week after New Year's is always a sobering one. After all the partying is over and the confetti is swept up, at some point we have to turn the corner and actually look the New Year we've been celebrating square in the eye. Here in Tennessee, the weather typically takes a turn for the gray in January. And in the restaurant business, things tend to get a little more mellow for a couple of weeks. It's a great time to turn inwards to re-organize and reset for the coming months. Because before you know it, it's Valentine's Day which is only the stepping stone to Spring.

In the Puckett's world, Spring 2015 is going to be a crazy ride. We'll be opening not one but two new restaurants. Puckett's in Chattanooga is undergoing demolition as we speak, and Max Stephenson is ready to take the helm as General Manager. Max has been with the Puckett's family for seven years and has been the General Manager of Puckett's in Downtown Franklin for the past five. We are beyond excited that he has accepted this new adventure, and no one is better suited for the job. Harvest at Homestead {yay, we have a name!} is the restaurant we will be opening late spring in the plantation home in Thompson Station, TN that sits on a 50 acre farm. There are too many elements to this project to cover right now, I'll have to write a whole post on it in the near future.

I am ready and excited to embrace this year and all that we have coming down the line. Right now, I feel like I am standing in the calm before the storm and I am going to take advantage of every extra second I have to spend it with my little family and especially my sweet Hattie. She is growing and learning so fast, I can hardly keep up. About a week ago, I handed her a water bottle and she looked up with me and sweetly said "Thank you" and I just about died of pride and cuteness. I know that this year is going to be the year that she transitions from being a baby to being a child. I am so excited to see her grow and discover the world, though I have to admit (and as any parent will attest), it certainly is a bittersweet realization.

Bring it on, 2015!