3 Apps That Make My Life Better

It goes without saying that my whole life is run on my phone (or iPad). For better or worse, I'm hooked to this shiny little device and there's no stopping it. Here are a few of my favorites and they are all FREE. For Organization & Note-Taking: Evernote


This is hands-down my most used app outside of the standard camera, mail, and texting apps. I'm a big note-taker and I used to carry around a notepad everywhere I went. I'd end up with little bits of paper and holding onto whole notebooks in case I needed to refer to that "one note" from 3 months ago. Well, no more! My pal Macey turned me onto this handy app and it's all I use. It's searchable and you can organize notes into notebook categories if you're into that. The best feature is that there's an app for almost any device (phone, tablet, and computer) and they all sync. And when all else fails, you can log in on their website. Ok, enough about that!

For Photo Editing: Snapseed, a Google app


A freelance photographer for Southern Living turned me onto this app. It's amazing and can be as easy (use the "Automatic" option) or as complicated as you want it to be. My favorite features are the Tilt Shift where you can adjust the focus and blur strength, and the Selective Adjust where you can edit only part of a photo.


For Distraction: Newsify

Newsify icon

Pulls all your news, blogs, and RSS feeds into a nice looking newspaper-like format. If you're a Feedly user, you can add that account and it will automatically add and sync your Feedly subscriptions. You can also share your reads to your various social media outlets from here. I like it's simple and old-school look.

Note that this is the only one not available for Android. Sorry Max!


What are your can't-live-without apps? I'm always on the hunt for new favorites!