a week in photos: feb 8-14, 2015



My sister Emily and her family were in town last week to job and house hunt for their big move back home next month. Her husband Aaron's last day in the service as a Captain at Fort Hood is March 12th. We are so proud of them but even more excited to get them back to Tennessee. Our girls are 4 months apart and already best friends. They got in some good Nana time reading books and getting lots of hugs and kisses. Hattie pulled the chairs out of her playroom and faced them so that they could have serious conversations in their secret language. One more month girls!


the piano chandelier




From left: Carlos & Jorge (Puckett's Boat House), Keith West (Puckett's Nashville), Brandon & Donnie (Gray's)


From left: Ryan Walters (Homestead Events), Rachel Layton (Marketing), Joni McCarty (Homestead Farm)

The project at Homestead Manor is coming along and we {finally} broke ground on the event barn and conservatory bar extension last Saturday. We hosted a small event for a some of our close friends and supporters on Thursday, tasting some of the ideas we have for the restaurant menu -- think porchetta, cornbread stuffed quail, panzanella, duck ravioli, and grit pound cake with amaretti cherries and goat cheese whipped cream. And by "we", I mean the handsome fellas pictured above.

Kim Leggett and her team from City Farmhouse are doing the interior design, and you can follow her progress both on our Facebook page and on theirs. We can't wait to show it off to all of you!

{ps - if you are interested in booking Homestead for an event, you can email Ryan at ryanw@homesteadmanor.com}


velomenu HappyValentinesCoffee

coffee beansRachelVelo

 {the next few were taken with my phone, so pardon the quality}


We took a little road trip on Friday to Chattanooga. We made some new friends over at Velo Coffee Roasters, a precious little roaster and shop tucked around the corner from the Chattanooga Choo Choo. It has that cool Chattanooga industrial vibe with vintage bicycles hanging from the ceiling and a rack of bicycles that the owner is currently repairing in the back. They offer a menu of different methods of filtering methods, some of which I'd never heard of. Pretty neat.

For lunch, we went to Maple Street Biscuit House. I think it goes without saying that this Southern girl loves a good biscuit, and the entire menu is just biscuit sandwiches. I went for The Farmer with fried chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, and house made apple butter. Zeke, you made a fan out of me!

Rachel and I went with Max to check out a house that he found near the University campus. It was adorable and he signed the lease on the spot. We are so excited for you Max! Hope you don't mind me crashing in that second bedroom come opening week...

I'll be posting my tips on how to conduct a job interview from the employer's side later this week. Look forward to hearing from y'all!


xx Claire