a sappy Mother's Day post

Ok, so I knew that I wanted to write a post about Moms today, in honor of the upcoming holiday. I've started about 5 different versions, but to be honest, motherhood is a big and somewhat intimidating subject. So instead, I want to write a letter to the two people that have made me the Mom that I am today.

Dear Hattie,

I am so grateful to be called your Mommy. You came into this world the happiest baby I've ever seen, and you continue to be a contagious source of joy and laughter to everyone that meets you. You amaze me daily and I love to watch you grow and learn. You've been on this earth for less than two years, but I have learned more from you in that time than I have in the previous 26 years. In caring for you, I have learned how to care for others in a way that I didn't quite understand before. In some ways you have softened me. I used to take pride in the fact that I never cried in movies. Now, sappy Publix commercials make me weepy, and I tear up when I see news stories about children. In fact, I'm crying right now as I write this. In other ways, you have made me stronger. I know that at the end of the most terrible day, I will be OK because I get to come home to you. I also know just how little sleep I can survive on. I work hard every day to make you proud and to be someone that you can look up to. Thank you for making motherhood easy on me, you are the most amazing little girl a Mom could ask for.



Dear Mom,

Now I understand. I understand why you worried, why you look at us with that goofy smile, why your favorite thing is to have us all home in one place, and why sometimes you just needed 5 Minutes Peace. I have always had a tremendous amount of love and respect for you, even though I haven't always been good at showing it. But now that I am a Mom, too, my respect for you has increased tenfold. Thank you so much for always being so forgiving and gracious, for always having our back and standing in the gap for us. You are a strong, brave, and amazing woman. Emily and I are so lucky to have you as an example of how to be a great Mom. Happy Mother's Day!


ps - we need a new picture together, this is the most recent one I have

Love on your Mamas this week, they deserve that and so much more!




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