A Letter to Max


Max, then and now. I'm pretty sure you look younger today, Mr. Max!

Dear Max,

This Thursday morning after your send-off party at Puckett's in Franklin, I woke up suddenly knowing what I wanted to say on video that I couldn't come up with on the spot. Though this is far from a goodbye since I get to continue to work with you in Chattanooga, it certainly is an end of an amazing era.

When I graduated college and decided to take a breather before going back to school (which I gladly never did), you had just begun working with us. We got to work together in Leiper's Fork when it was still ours, enjoying the most beautiful sunrises at 6:00am on the bench after the biscuits were all made and wrapped. When you became General Manager at Puckett's in Franklin, you were the first manager, outside of my family, that I worked under that truly believed in me. You invested your time in me, and you shared your never-ending wisdom and expertise with me. You helped make me into the businesswoman that I am today, and I will always be indebted to you for that.

I adore every person on our team today. But before there was this team, there was just you and me. Can you believe we used to only have two managers on the schedule? I think we were both a little younger then :-) Our family's business has grown incredibly in the last seven years, from two managers to now close to fifty managers and key employees. You have been a huge reason that that growth has been possible, and we are so proud to have you carry on the torch to Chattanooga.

So, on your last day working in Franklin, I want to say thank you, Max. Thank you for being my mentor, my confidant, my brother-in-arms, and one of my best friends. I'm excited for this next chapter in our lives.


See you in Chattanooga!

xx Claire