3 Things that keep me sane during insane weeks

Right now is a very crazy time in my world. When isn't it?? But this week is particularly nuts as we are in the home stretch of opening Puckett's Chattanooga, with live training happening this week and soft opening to the public next week. Mix in a few events at night and an awards luncheon here in Middle Tennessee, and we have a recipe for insanity. Here are 3 things that keep me grounded during an insane week:

1. Meal Planning   I'm driving back and forth to Chattanooga 5 days this week, staying overnight 2 of them. My dear sweet husband can't cook, but home-cooked meals are important to me. More important to me is making every minute I'm home this week count with my daughter. So mostly while she was napping, I took 3 hours out of my Sunday to prep and cook. The result was 3 complete meals large enough to eat for 6 nights, 7 family-sized servings of spaghetti sauce to kickstart a number of other quick meals, a week's worth of oatmeal, 8 smoothie packs for a healthy breakfast on-the-go, and a few side items. I'm thinking next week I may share this plan with you if that's something y'all are interested in -- let me know in the comments.

2. Podcasts

I love music, but with so much time on the road I typically like to listen to something with content to keep my mind occupied. My favorite podcasts for passing the time while making me laugh and possibly learning something are The Moth, This American Life, Fresh AirWTF Podcast with Marc Maron, and my guilty pleasure You Bet Your Garden. 3. Dry Shampoo

 I love this one ❤️. It has lasted me almost 8 months so far and I use it 4-5 days a week.

Honorary Mention: COFFEE xx Claire

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