The Perfect Weekend

To me, the perfect weekend (or whenever your days off happen to fall) is a combination of relaxation and productivity. This weekend for me, I accidentally struck just the right balance. As crazy as it's been around here, a weekend of time and space with my family couldn't have been more needed. As I head into my third trimester this week (what!!), I can physically feel the days of our little three person family ticking away.  Don't get me wrong, I am so so so excited for Baby Girl to join our family, but I'm also hyper aware that everything is all about to change, again. I'm not going to lie, there is a little bit of sadness mixed in with all the joy and excitement.  But that sums up what it feels like to be a mother in general, doesn't it? 

Tyler and I kicked off the weekend with a real live date night, which hasn't happened in at least two months. Maybe three or four... I've lost track. We are usually better than that, but it's been a packed few months. I made reservations the old-fashioned way via OpenTable at Homestead Manor. I know I know, you're thinking does it count as a date night when you eat at your own restaurant?? Um, yes. First of all, I haven't had dinner at HM in over a month which is shameful and insulting to our fabulous chef. Second of all, have you seen the place? It's date-worthy. PS - the Cast Iron Chicken is so good

Jk, this is not me and Tyler. Photo by Amilia Photography

I think the key to my perfect weekend was not over planning. I am notorious for making an overly ambitious to do list of things I want to accomplish on my days off and I wind up exhausted and only marking off half of those items. This weekend I just went in with some vague ideas of getting a few things done, but no set plans. My only real plans were getting our first official family photos made since Hattie was around a year old. I'm horrible. We went out to the gorgeous Columbia square and Molly Wantland of Simply M Photography took some photos of us walking around, incorporating Hattie Jane's Creamery into a few. Win-win. Here's a sneak peek, I can't wait to see the rest!

The rest of Saturday was filled with swimming at Mimi's house then nesting mode kicked in full force back home. While Hattie napped (thank GOD for a good napper), I cleaned the house and organized my bathroom toiletries, jewelry, and medicine cabinet. Nesting has to be the best pregnancy side effect of all. It's like God's little gift to you because He knows that your life is about to flipped upside into a sloppy mess in just a few short months. 

Sunday was more of the same. Another big Puckett's breakfast (what can I say, I love a country breakfast), some time at the park with my sweet girl, then back home to cook while Hattie painted and played with play dough next to me in the kitchen. I know it seems basic, but these moments make my heart feel so full. She is becoming so grown up and independent, but still loves to be right next to her mama. I hung a new family photo gallery wall, we picked veggies out of the garden, grilled dinner, I took a bubble bath. Y'all, I even got all of the laundry done AND folded. And put away! This never happens, and I'm not even sure how it did. All of this and I only cried over something trivial once all weekend. If nesting is the best side effect of pregnancy, then hormone-induced crying might be the worst. Can I get an amen? Here's to much needed family time and folded laundry! 

Best. Weekend. Ever. 

xx Claire