Two openings, two weeks

Well. I made it. These past two weeks have been, in a word, insane. I'm here to be honest with y'all, so I'm not going to sugar coat it. Opening a restaurant and an ice cream store in a span of fourteen days was utterly exhausting, and I'm not sure that I would recommend it. That being said, it was also exhilarating. With each opening, we learn just a little bit more so that we're prepared for the next. 

Scout's Pub was one of the smoothest openings for Dad and I. I'm not sure that our General Manager Chris could say the same, but I think that means that we've hired some good people! The team has been absolutely amazing since Day One. The reception of the West Franklin community has been overwhelmingly warm and positive, and we are so grateful. Also, the Bison Burger is one of my new favorite things to eat in the world. Cue the pregnancy cravings and last minute drives for to go orders. 

I am now a part owner of a business for the first time in my life. I want to tell you much much more about the opening of my first Hattie Jane's Creamery but for now, I just want to share some happy photos. Our ribbon cutting is this Wednesday, July 13th at 1:30pm so come by and see us at 16 Public Square in Columbia, TN!

A sneak peek of the menu at Scout's Pub...

Well we finally made it. It's training week at Scout's Pub, and I couldn't be more excited! With just a few more hoops to jump through (ABC license, beer board, training, oh finishing the kitchen.. minor things.) we should be open NEXT WEEK. There are so many details that go into opening a restaurant, and so many of them have to wait -- or get postponed -- until the very last minute. But we're almost there, and we're almost to my favorite part which is being open. I'm not a big fan of all this pre-opening stuff. 

We are still working on proofreading and making tweaks to the menu before I can share the final print but today I want to give you a sneak peek at what the food will look like. That's what you really want anyways, isn't it? I mean, besides actually tasting it. Soon, my dear, soon. 

This is just a sampling of what's to come. Let me know what you think in the comments. Happy Monday!

xx Claire

All photos are original and property of A. Marshall Family Foods, Inc. and taken by the amazing Amy Whidby.